Targeted Business Matchmaking

Our business matchmaking software provides the optimum platform for suppliers and buyers to connect, build strong relationships, and grow together – before, during and after an event.

Why Choose us

Our ground-breaking software is power-packed with innovative features enabling small businesses or suppliers to procure contracts that are product and service relevant and enabling corporations or buyers to find the right supplier for the job – the first time around.

Hosted platform

Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.

Go unlimited!

Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.

Mobile Application

Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.

1-to-1 or many

Competently mesh market positioning premium process improvements for trailers.

Key Features

Making your matchmaker with all the flexibility in your hand.  Using our AI for the matching, Matching based on your strategic goals short listing participants registered,. Our latest technology finds targeted matches, allowing for strong connections and leading to intelligent corporate decision-making directly impacting the bottom line of everyone involved.

complete hosted solution

Having complete configuration id your process and multiple matchmaking events at the same time.  EventMatches is the complete platform to support your success You control the meeting time, schedule, breaks, sending meeting event schedule before meeting date. matching can be done using our AI or your requirements. 

custom platform

complete control and customization of your registration field and pages.  Branding you platform to your company.  Social media, logos, video, and CSS advance access.

direct payment gateway

No need to wait for your payments to be held up for weeks.  Direct instant connection to you account and instant transfer.  

full service matchmaker

Create a single registration and attendee can participate in all event or conference activities, workships, sessions.  EventMatches provide you the must complete platform to for your ROI and attendee Experience 

attendee type and roles

Event host can create custom attendee type and roles.  Each role or type can complete a custom registration questions. All field can be defined based on roles or attendee type.

attendee profile/dashboard

All attend have a complete profile with an intuitive dashboard of event analytics overview.

We setup business matchmakers of all sizes

We work with clients of all sizes.  We work with companies, multinationals, organizations, councils and more to achieve targeted business matchmaking, meaninful relationship building and result-driven business goals 


Small and mid-sized businesses looking to conduct their own events and matchmakers to find targeted leads


Event Planners looking to provide a complete end-to-end event management and conference planning solution

government agencies

Government Agencies wanting to mitigate risk by finding the best possible supplier matches


Corporations and multinationals wanting to have the power to conduct their own business matching events


Matchmaker Organizers looking to setup business matchmaking events that deliver results


Chambers and Associations looking to connect and build meaningful relationships with their members

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How It Works


Event Setup

Create matchmaking event. Add activities and workshops. Add sponsors and customize event landing page with your branding.


Scheduling and Matchmaking

Setup agenda, schedule workshops and keynotes and setup one-to-one and one to many matchmaking meetings


Tracking and Analytics

Monitor event activity, survey attendees, run follow up campaigns and view detailed event analytics for current and past events.