Advanced Reporting

In-depth Reporting to Give You Critical Event Details On-Demand

Our advanced reporting features enable you to get basic data and also in-depth detailed information about your event as you need it. So you can view something as simple as the number of total event registrations, but also zero down on a particular type of event attendee and further filter what they have requested for lunch.

This type of targeted reporting gives you critical information to the last detail so you’re always on top when it comes to planning basic to minute details of your event.

With EventMatches you will easily be able to track:

  • Overall statistics of one or multiple events
  • Registrations based on attendee types
  • Revenue by attendee type
  • Activity registrations
  • Package registrations and revenue
  • Ticket registrations and revenue
  • Sponsor registrations and revenue
  • Downloadable reports for attendee profile data
  • Downloadable reports for attendee registration data
  • …and more!