Event Badges

Easily Customize and Print Badges for Attendees

EventMatches enables you to easily print badges for all of the attendees coming to your event. Event creators have a lot of control on what size badges they want to print, adding custom branding and more. With the EventMatches badges feature you can:

This type of targeted reporting gives you critical information to the last detail so you’re always on top when it comes to planning basic to minute details of your event.

With EventMatches you will easily be able to track:

  • Upload a customized header image for your badge (this may contain event logo, event name etc.)
  • Upload a customized footer image for your badge (this may contain sponsor logos, website etc.)
  • Select your badge size
  • Add badge fields such as first name, last name, company name, job title, state and city
  • Change font size, color and styling for each field
  • Preview badges layout before printing
  • Print badges for ‘All’ or one or more attendees
  • Filter attendees by ‘All,’ those that have had badges printed, and those that have not yet had badges printed