Strategic Matchmaking

Match attendees on autopilot — no more manual matching!

The most common kind of business matchmaker, strategic business matchmaking makes use of EventMatches’ unique business intelligence, and an algorithm automatically selects the best possible matches by business category, product, service, industry codes and more finding the best most targeted matches for Buyers and Suppliers on autopilot.

Targeted matchmaking allows for strong connections and leads to intelligent corporate decision-making directly impacting the bottom line of everyone involved.

There are two ways the strategic business matchmaker can be run — One-to-one and one-tomany meetings:

1. One-to-one business matchmaking

In one-to-one business matchmaking, one buyer meets with one supplier at one time. For example, Corporation A meets with Small Business A

2. One-to-many business matchmaking

In one-to-many business matchmaking, one buyer can meet with one or more suppliers at one time. For example, Corporation A meets with Small Business A, Small Business B, and Small Business C

Top Features of EventMatches Strategic Business Matchmaking:
  • One-to-one and one-to-many business matchmaking
  • Automated laser-targeted matching based on keywords, category, codes and more — no more manual matching
  • Personalized attendee dashboard
  • Admin can add and edit matchmaking activities
  • Attendees can view, download and print meeting schedule
  • Smart mobile app to view event details, search participants, view schedule and more!
EventMatches Strategic Business Matchmaking Software is built for:
  • Event Planners looking to up-sell business matching with their event management solution
  • Government Agencies wanting to mitigate risk by finding the best possible supplier matches
  • Matchmaker Organizers looking to setup business matchmaking events that deliver results
  • Corporations and multinationals wanting the power to conduct their own business matchmaking events