Build Connections

Enable Members to Connect and Build Meaningful Relationships

EventMatches’ Member Management platform is a revolutionary solution for your member base or online community to network, search, and connect with other members for potential contracting opportunities, showcasing their products and services, or getting the knowledge, training and business-savvy skills they need to grow their business.

The adding ‘Connections’ feature is a great way for members to build their list of personal contacts. These are the connections members want to network with, meet with and build potential business relations with. When you search for a member and see one that appeals to you, you can request to add them as a connection.

When a connection request is sent the member receiving it will receive an email notification and will be able to accept or ignore the request in the ‘Received’ connections tab. Clicking on the connection name will enable the member to see the profile of the person requesting the connection.

When the request is accepted the members will show as ‘Connections’ for each other.