What types of business matchmakers are there?

In most cases there are two types of business matchmakers and two ways they can be run. First let’s take a look at the two types:

1. Strategic business matchmaking

The most common kind of business matchmaker, strategic business matchmaking makes use of the portal’s unique business intelligence, and an algorithm automatically selects the best possible matches by business category, product, service, industry codes and more finding the best most targeted matches for Buyers and Suppliers on autopilot.

2. Non-strategic business matchmaking

In this type of business matchmaking the buyers and suppliers have a lot more control over who they want to meet with. They can search and filter by parameters important to them such as years in business, industry, state, product and service codes, past performance and more. They can then request meetings with the company they want to meet with, and the company requested has the option to either accept or reject the meeting request.